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Water Meter Calibration

Trusted Water Meter Calibration Service

Utilised by the UK Water Utilities to verify the accuracy of their billing water meters, Stream’s water meter accuracy verification service is highly respected for its traceable accuracy.

Utilising equipment originally designed for the production of new water meters the rigs are able to test a high volume of meters at one time – ensuring a cost-effective solution for the bulk testing of meters.
Our small meter test rig can test upto 45 small water meters at one time, whilst the larger test rig can check meters upto 200mm (8”) in size.

Ideal for verifying water utility meters to MID or BS5728 and operated under Stream’s ISO9000 quality assurance program, the rigs provide full test rig traceability back to UKAS and calibration to National Standards.

Water Calibration Service Features

  • Meter Sizes 6mm to 200mm
  • Flowrates to 1200Lts/min
  • Suitable for PD, Turbine, Ultrasonic and Electromagnetic flowmeters
  • Fully traceable to National Standards
  • Multiple testing of small water meters
  • Over 80 years of flowmeter expertise
  • Meter storage or disposal service available