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On-Site Calibration

Stream’s field-based engineers are able to undertake flow meter repairs, accuracy verification or flow meter calibration – onsite – irrespective of the manufacturer or technology type.

Aimed principally at Process flowmeters, Stream’s onsite (in-situ) calibration service utilises the true, wet test principle (the only check worth undertaking in our opinion), which proves the actual accuracy of the flowmeter, taking into account any effects of the installation, pipework, fluids, etc. – which can dramatically change the accuracy of the flowmeter.

In this instance our test equipment is connected downstream of the customers flowmeter (Meter Under Test – MUT) with the test carried out using our customers actual application fluids. The fluid is diverted through our test equipment and either back into the process or to a storage vessel. To ensure optimum test results Stream use either Master Flowmeters or Master Weigh Scales – depending on the flowmeter technology and application flowrate. The result can be calculated onsite, enabling your operators to adjust any control equipment, such as batch controllers or PLC’s, with the new calibration factor – before the MUT is re-tested to prove the change.

This test can be carried out on any manufacturers flowmeter, covering almost any technology, including Positive Displacement, Turbine, Electromagnetic, Coriolis, Vortex or Swirl. The nature of our equipment means that we can check flowmeters within any area including hazardous or hygienic.

Service Features

  • Fully traceable calibration service
  • Ensures actual flowmeter performance & proves the meter installation
  • Supported by our ISO9001 Quality Programme
  • Suitable for calibration of equipment within hazardous areas
  • Works undertaken by true Flowmeter experts
  • All makes and types of flowmeters
  • Portable test equipment
  • Uses application fluids to ensure highest flowmeter accuracy & performance
  • Covers any operationally safe application liquid including food products, solvents and fuel oil
  • Stream engineers can carry a range of spares for many standard common flowmeters to ensure that repairs can be undertaken during the works, reducing downtime and minimising process interruption

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