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Stream supply a range of WIKA Thermowells with flange and ScrutonWell®.

Our Thermowells are used with demanding operating conditions both in solid-machined versions from solid-body material and in fabricated versions with tubular design.

The variants offered differ mainly in their designs; with flanges, with threads for screwing in or for welding in.

Furthermore, all connections for sanitary applications and also thermowells in solid-machined Vanstone design are available without weld seams.

The selection of materials and the manufacturing of the thermowells in accordance with global standards or to customer specifications ensure optimal protection for the sensor.

Stream offer bespoke and industry standard design thermowells, complete with wake frequency calculations.


Product Range

WIKA ScrutonWell® design for thermowells

WIKA ScrutonWell® design for thermowells

The new ScrutonWell® design reduces the amplitude of oscillation by more than 90 % and allows an easy and fast installation of the thermowell without support collar, and thus without expensive and time-consuming rework on site.

WIKA Thermowells with flange (solid-machined)

WIKA Thermowells with flange (solid-machined)

Full penetration weld design or with double fillet weld.

The series of solid-machined thermowells with flange connection are suitable for use with numerous electrical and mechanical thermometers.