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Unipulse Flow Meters

Since its introduction the Unipulse flow meter has maintained its lead as the industry standard for reliable, repeatable batch measurement for a wide range of liquids. With a pedigree born out from more than thirty years of operational experience the Unipulse boasts an impressive user base with many household names depending upon its reliability for maintaining the consistent quality of their products.

Offering a wide range of build options – both in process connection and materials of construction – the Unipulse offers exceptional batch accuracy with any solids free process liquid with viscosities from solvent to molasses.

The Unipulse batch meter is ideal for measuring liquids including Alcohols, Acids, Caustic, Dairy Products, Oils, Solvents, Molasses, Sugar Syrup, Yeast, Fats, Mayonnaise, Resins, Polymers, Paint, Vinegar, Water and Latex.


Work with an experienced team of highly-skilled engineers to devise meaningful data solutions that will give your engineers greater control, and the tools to embed and support continuous improvement.

Data Capabilities

Commissioning & Calibration

Our team can commission your instrumentation, digitally verify it, and calibrate it onsite or on our liquid and gas rigs.

Commissioning & Calibration
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