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Sensus Meitwin Cold Water Meter

The Sensus Meitwin Cold Water Meter is design to cover a very wide flow range and has the main meter and the by-pass meter arranged one behind the other in the direction of flow.

Uniquely the measuring element, which is removable in-situ as a complete unit, consists of the main meter, the change-over valve and the bypass meter and the multirange measuring element (compatible for DN 50, 80 or 100) allows an easy, economical  replacement – eliminating the need for removal of the meter for calibration.

  • Main meter with hydrodynamic balanced rotor
  • Spring-loaded change-over valve with low head loss
  • By-pass meter specified as a velocity or piston meter cartridge with plug-in non-return valve
  • Minimum flowrate (Qmin): 6 l/hour for piston type by-pass meter
  • Available in body lengths specified as per DIN 19625 and ISO 7858


  • Measurement of high flow rates with extremely wide spread flow profile
  • Measurement of smallest flow rates for leakage detection
  • Ideal for fire service pipes

Available Options

  • Main and by-pass meters can be retro-fitted with HRI Output Modules
  • Main and by-pass meters can be supplied with electronic registers (Encoder, Hybrid)
  • Spool piece for extension of meter casing as per DIN 19625
  • Preparation for quarter inch pressure sensor
  • Change-over valve with non-return valve function up to PN 10 as per DIN 3269