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Sensus PolluStat® Ultrasonic Energy Meter

The Sensus Pollustat is a compact ultrasonic meter designed to measure energy consumption.

The Pollustat provides the highest levels of accuracy, reliability and remote communications options you need for a smart thermal energy management system. 

Supplied as a ‘Hybrid’ System, the Pollustat, is suitable for heat, cooling or combined heat and cooling applications and exceeds the requirements of MID Class2 and EN1434-2 which makes it ideal for Renewable Heat Incentive monitoring applications.

The Pollustat has no moving parts, safeguarding it from wear and damage from particles, whilst ensuring product longevity and low ownership costs.

Covering line sizes 15mm to 40mm and designed as a compact system, all of the system elements (Flow Sensor, Temperature Probes and Calculator) are covered under a single calibration certificate.

Its range of communications options including Modbus, M-Bus and Pulse ensures compatibility with Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) or Automatic Meter Infrastructure (AMI).

  • Certified to MID MI004 Class2 / EN1434-2 – Fully RHI Compliant
  • Ultrasonic design – no moving parts and tolerant of particulate matter
  • Supplied as a complete system including temperature sensor pockets
  • Battery, 24v or Mains Powered
  • 1.5m Cable between Calculator and Temperature Probes as Standard
  • 0.3m Cable between Calculator and Sensor – enables remote wall mounting of Calculator
  • PT500 Temperature Sensors
  • Sizes 15mm to 40mm (Qp0.6 to Qp15)
  • Range of output options – Modbus, Mbus, LON, Pulse or Minibus
  • Onsite engineer support available

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