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Sensus AN 130 Flow Sensor

Certified to MID MI004, the Sensus AN130 is suitable for the measurement of hot water upto 130°C with flow rates up to 20m³/h – and suitable for use with the Sensus PolluTherm Energy Calculator for a complete energy metering solution.

With unique build variations, depending whether the meter is to be installed horizontal or vertically, the special construction of the AN130 guarantees high measuring precision and reliable measuring stability.

Available with a screwed connection, installation is simple with the dimensions compliant with DIN ISO4064.

  • Reinforced bearings
  • High measuring stability
  • Wide load range
  • Reliable in operation up to 130°C
  • Pulse output 1l per pulse (Standard M-TAN) or 10l per pulse (Standard M-SAN & M-FAN)

Available in horizontal or vertical formats

  • M-TAN130 – for horizontal Applications
  • M-SAN130 – for vertical applications (Flow rising)
  • M-FAN130 – for vertical applications (flow falling)