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ST/GX Stainless Steel Turbine Meter

The ST/GX range of Turbine Flowmeters are suitable for the measurement of dry gases (inert and flammable) and are designed to operate at line pressures down to 15 mbar. They comprise of one cartridge assembly, fitted inside a stainless steel body (locked with an internal circlip), which has a magnetic pick up fitted and come in a range of threaded, flanged or wafer (designed for between flange installations) styles.

The Rotor (fitted with low inertia, precision bearings) is turned by the kinetic energy of the flowing gas at an angular velocity, which in the linear range of the Flowmeter is proportional to the mean axial velocity of the gas.

The Rotor blades sweep out the full bore of the meter except for a small tip clearance space. As the blade tips pass the magnetic pick up, they initiate a pulse. Flow rate is determined by the frequency of the pulses and Totalised Flow is obtained by summing the pulses.

The ST101 Totalisers, which sum the pulses automatically and display Flow Rate and Total Flow instantly on the readout can be mounted on the Turbine or fitted remotely.