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Dresser Actaris TZ Gas Turbine Meter

Designed for the measurement of natural and non corrosive gases, the TZ (Primary) turbine meter ranges (formerly known as Itron FLUXI 2000) are ideal for low, medium or high pressure gas applications. Offering a choice of output options including low or high frequency, along with additional accessories including Oil Pump, Inbuilt Temperature and Pressure Sensors the TZ ensure a complete gas metering package.

The Dresser Actaris Gas (previosuly Itron) TZ Turbine Gas meter has permanently lubricated and sealed bearings (no oil pump) which eliminates the need for regular service visits. There is no need to visit the meter on a regular basis and depending on the dryness of the gas or contained condensation this is normally 4 times per year or sometimes monthly. If the meter has an oil pump (like most of our competitors) someone must visit the meter on a regular basis to press the pump which lubricates the bearings. The oil pump can be overused due to human error or variable operating conditions which can cause the oil to overcoat the bearings and slow the meter resulting in revenue loss. The Dresser Actaris (previosuly Itron) TZ Turbine meter has permanently lubricated bearings which removes the need to have an oil pump. This increases the meters longevity as the bearings aren’t being flooded with oil which in turn adds weight to the turbine which reduces the meters life and speeds inaccuracy. Sealed bearings have been a feature of Itron meters for over 20 years. 

  • MID Certified for Fiscal measurement
  • Accuracy +/- 1% of flow range
  • Very low pressure drop
  • Flowrange 8-10000m3/Hr
  • Pressures upto 100Bar
  • Fitted with Temp & Pressure Tappings
  • Double low frequency pulse output
  • High resolution pulse option
  • Fully supported in the UK by Stream Measurement

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