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Dresser Actaris MZ Gas Turbine Meter

Designed for the measurement of natural and non corrosive gases, the Dresser Actaris (previosuly Itron) MZ (Secondary) meter ranges are ideal for low, medium or high pressure gas applications. Offering a choice of output options including low or high frequency, along with additional accessories including oil pump, inbuilt temperature and pressure sensors the MZ range ensure a complete gas metering package.

Stream can offer a bespoke gas metering system utilising a Dresser Actaris Gas (previously Itron) MZ gas meter with high resolution output, coupled to an Itron Gas Volume Corrector and is supplied with Stream’s customer bespoke panel which is manufactured in our facilities – providing the customer with a complete turnkey solution.


  • High Accuracy – Low Cost Meter
  • Flowrates to 10000m3/Hr
  • Pressures to 100Bar
  • 2x low frequency pulse outputs as std
  • High resolution pulse option
  • PTB & ATEX Approved
  • Inbuilt flow conditioner
  • PTFE Coating for aggressive gases
  • Inbuilt Temperature & Pressure option