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ABB Vortex Flow Meters

The ABB FSV450 VortexMaster takes Vortex technology to the next level – ensuring a truly Smart, intelligent flowmeter – whether for Liquid, Steam or Gas measurement.

Designed as a universal vortex meter for high end flow applications, the FSV450 uses a two-wire transmitter with leading edge DSP-Technology with enhanced flow computer functionality. Signals from remote sensors like pressure, temperature, density or gas content can be computed directly with the signals from internal flow and temperature. Ideal for direct mass flow or standard flow of gases and liquids or direct mass and energy flow on saturated and super-heated steam.

Of the VortexMaster family, the FSV450 is the advanced version with additional analogue input for mass or energy flow measurement. Available with integral or remote transmitter with up to 30m (98 ft.) cable length.

The ABB Vortex Flow Meters are Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) compliant.

Using the optional inputs, standalone flow computers are no longer needed in many applications.

General specifications:

  • Intuitive operation with Easy Set-up function, Clear text display and meter configuration through the front glass with closed cover
  • Accuracy for liquids =  +/- 0.65% of rate
  • Accuracy for gases and steam =  +/- 0.9% of rate
  • Process connection / meter sizes – Flange-mount design DN15 to 300 / Wafer type design DN25 to 150
  • Approvals for explosion protection – ATEX, IECEx, cFMus, NEPSI
  • SIL2-certified in accordance with IEC 61508
  • Output / communication – 4 to 20 mA / HART 7
  • Optional binary output – For use as a limit switch, pulse output or frequency output
  • Optional input from field – Pressure, temperature, methane content, density gas analyzer
  • Pressure Rating upto PN160 / ANSI900

Integrated flow measurement computer functionality

  • Gas standard volume and mass flow
  • Vapour mass flow
  • Direct energy calculation for vapor and water
  • Natural gas calculation in accordance with AGA /SGERG standards
  • Special Steam option with inbuilt temperature sensor, inbuilt steam calculator and external pressure transducer

Through their ‘special’ relationship of thirty years, Stream supply and support the entire range of ABB flowmeters throughout the UK.

Image: ABB VortexMaster
ABB VortexMaster