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Stream PVC Unipulse Flowmeters

Designed specifically liquid batching and process monitoring of harsh chemicals, the PVC build Unipulse flow meter is available in 1″ and 2″ sizes (Unipulse UP200M-PVC and Unipulse UP20M-PVC).

The UP200M-PVC offers a flowrange of 3.5 to 38lts/min the UP200M and has a very high output resolution of 20 pulses / litre to ensure exceptional batch repeatability, whilst the UP20M-PVC covers the flow range 15 – 150lts/min with a high resolution output of 2 pulses / litre.

With PVC body construction and either a PVC or PTFE piston the Unipulse PVC range is ideal for harsh chemical (particularly Acid) applications.

Both the Unipulse UP200M-PVC and UP20M-PVC are supplied with BSPM process connections.