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Neptune Type S Mechanical Batching Meter

Neptune Type S Mechanical Batching meter provides fully mechanical liquid Batch Control, with no power supply requirement. When combined with the 842 preset register and autostop valve, like the Neptune MP, the TypeS batch meter becomes a robust and reliable mechanical batching system – ideal for hazardous environments. Utilising the Nutating Disc principle the Neptune TypeS batch meter provides high accuracy measurement for a wide range of industrial liquids and is ideal for use in chemical processing, Bio Diesel, paints &coatings, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, pesticides and additives industries.

Close tolerance machining combined with a minimum number of moving parts makes the TypeS insensitive to moderate changes in liquid viscosities.

Fully Mechanical Batch Control: The Neptune TypeS flowmeter offers total mechanical batch control. When used with an 842 register and its mechanical auto-stop valve the unit becomes a fully mechanical, self sufficient batching system. No outside power sources are required. Auto-Stop valves allow the operator to set the register for the desired quantity. The flow will shut off automatically at the exact volume desired. Auto-Stop valves are easy to maintain, reliable and handle a wide range of products. Controlled valve closing, available with the two-stage auto-stop valve, reduces the potential for hydraulic shock on both the dispensing lines and the flowmeter itself.

Electromechanical Batch Control: The TypeS flowmeter can be used without the mechanical auto-stop, instead replacing this with an autoswitch enables a remote valve (pneumatic or electronic) to be operated by the mechanical batching register. As with the mechanical system the operator simply sets the desired batch quantity on the register and on reaching the exact volume desired will switch off the pump and / or switch a valve. The autoswitch has two switch contacts for switching a pump and a valve for example or to provide two stage valve closure. The autoswitch can be ordered for either electronic or pneumatic switching – both of which are fully ATEX certified.

  • No straight pipe length requirements
  • 100% Mechanical Batching – ideal for hazardous areas
  • No Power Supply Requirements
  • Complete batch System – Stand Alone with no wiring or need for ancillary equipment
  • Fitted with change gears for positive calibration
  • Flowmeter sizes 1” and 2”
  • Flow Rates 18 to 606 Lts/min
  • Bronze Body Construction