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Neptune MP Flowmeter with Mechanical Ticket Printer

Offering all of the benefits of the well established Neptune MP batch meter and utilising the well established Positive Displacement principle, the Neptune MP batch meter is also available with a Mechanical Ticket Printer when used with the renown Neptune 800 Series Register, which also incorporates a Mechanical Resetable and Non Resetable Totaliser – ideal for tanker delivery or process applications and eliminating the need for costly electronic systems.

Designed for use with a pre-printed 2 or 3ply ticket, the register provides a mechanical print out of the flowmeter ID along with the start and finish register value and the volume of fluid delivered.

The Mechanical Ticket Printer fits within the top section of any Neptune 800 Series Register and can be simply fitted onsite into existing Neptune flow meters.

As with all of the Neptune Register variants the 800 Series Register can also be supplied with the 45 or 45HR pulser which can interface directly to any electronic (AC,DC or battery powered) devise or PLC – benefiting from the superior mechanical performance of the flowmeter, with mechanical ticket printing and mechanical totalisation whilst offering connection to the very latest digital control or remote monitoring equipment.

  • No straight pipe length requirements
  • 100% Mechanical Flowmeter, Register and Ticket Printer – ideal for hazardous areas
  • No Power Supply Requirements
  • Stand Alone System – no wiring or need for ancillary equipment
  • ATEX Pulser with High resolution pulse output option
  • Fitted with change gears for positive calibration
  • Flowmeter sizes 1” to 3”
  • Flow Rates 26 to 1140 Lts/min
  • Integral Air Release & Strainer option