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Fluidwell N Series

DIN mounted Batch Controllers with a full user interface and easy to operate buttons. Introduced as a lower cost alternative to the 300 Series for Process Batch Control and an ideal replacement for Contrec 414 & 430.



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Fluidwell N410

Fluidwell N410

The Fluidwell N410 is the very latest in panel mount batch controllers – with a full numerical keypad and DIN dimensions the N410 is an ideal replacement to the older Contrec 400 and 500 series instruments.Provides multiple batch control data simultaneously at a glance, including a graphical indication of the batch process and the relay status. The bright backlight is standard, ensuring perfect readings day and night – taking batch controlling to a new level.

Distributed by Stream Measurement, the greatest advantage of this new DIN size panel mount batch controller is its versatility. The combination of the full numerical keypad, clear user-friendly display and its compact size, makes this new N410 the ideal choice for standalone batch control.

Stream will also pre-configure the N410 for your application prior to despatch, making installation as simple as plug and play and saving significant time and cost during istallation.

Fluidwell N413

Fluidwell N413

The N413 batch controller distinguishes itself from other manufacturers products by its user-friendly features: Numerical keypad, easy ticket printing, clear programming menu structure, easy to read display and simple mounting enclosure. The numerical keypad allows simple and fast changing of the preset batch quantity. End-of-batch tickets can be printed automatically, manually or after a notification. Multiple reprints are easily executed on demand. Even in the unexpected event of an uncompleted batch, is it possible to print a ticket.

Fluidwell stands for simplicity and reliability which is now available in the N413.