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Unipulse - UK Made Flowmeter for Liquid Batching

Stream Measurements Unipulse is a simple, highly repeatable, mechanical flowmeter used primarily as the flowmeter within a batch control system (batch system comprises flow meter (to measure the volume of fluid) + batch controller (to select and control the amount of fluid required) + valve (which opens and closes to start and stop the flow at the command of the batch controller). In operation since 1980, the Unipulse is used by most blue-chip food companies throughout the UK, Europe and the USA.  

Serving the UK’s leading food, drinks, process, chemical and pharmaceutical companies for over 30 years the Unipulse flow meter is still manufactured in Oldham, Lancashire and is always available from stock, ensuring it continues as the most reliable, repeatable flowmeter for the batching of a wide range of liquids. 

Proven performance and longevity means the Unipulse boasts an impressive user base with many household names depending upon its reliability for maintaining the consistent quality of their products. 

  • Simple, easily maintained, robust and compact flowmeter
  • UK manufactured
  • Exceptional repeatability - ensures product quality
  • Accurate to 0.5%
  • Requires no installation straight lengths
  • Measures all industrial liquids – even non-conductive and very viscous fluids
  • Long service life - minimum maintenance
  • No power supply requirements - suitable for hazardous area use

The simple construction of the Unipulse, with only one moving part reduces the overall cost of ownership and ensures an extremely long working life. Its unique design enables field maintenance to be conducted with ease ensuring a quick return to service with minimum effect on the calibration. 

Please call our team today to find out how the Unipulse can benefit your manufacturing processes.

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