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The Dresser Actaris TZ Turbine Gas Meter

The Dresser Actaris TZ turbine gas meter is a leading player in the field of gas metering technology. This article delves into its features and benefits, highlighting why it has become a preferred choice in both industrial and commercial customers.


The Actaris TZ comprise a range of turbine gas metering devices with capacities of 100 to 10000m³/h.  Designed to cater to the evolving needs of gas utilities and industrial customers, the TZ range are flow meters used to measure medium to high gas flow, at, low, medium and high pressure.  The meters high accuracy mean they are used in gas transportation and distribution applications and are approved for fiscal use.

1. Advanced Measurement Accuracy

At the heart of the Actaris TZ gas meter is the proven design and construction, based on high precision parts and high-quality ball bearings.  This means the meters offer a key mix of high accuracy, large measuring range and resistance to high pressure and flow loads. The design of the inlet straightener makes the meters insensitive to flow velocity perturbations and allows installation in very compact locations. An optional flow conditioner can be installed to further reduce issues from flow velocity agitations.  

2. Enhanced Durability and Reliability

Durability is a cornerstone of the Actaris TZ design. Built to withstand harsh environmental conditions and operational stress, this meter maintains its accuracy and functionality over an extended period. This robustness reduces the need for frequent replacements or maintenance, offering long-term cost savings to users.  There is no requirement for an oil pump as part of the installation due to the long life ball bearings and the friction less rotation of the meter rotor.

3. Smart Metering Capabilities

One of the standout features of the Dresser Actaris TZ is its integration with AMR/AMI smart metering systems. It can be equipped with wireless communication modules, allowing for remote reading and monitoring of gas usage. This feature not only facilitates convenient meter reading without physical access but also enables real-time data analysis for better energy management.  Wired communications modules with M-Bus, L-Bus or Namur protocols allows further integration into communication networks.

4. User-Friendly Interface

Understanding the need for user accessibility, the Actaris TZ comes with a clear and intuitive totaliser equipped for outdoor use.  This makes it easier for consumers to read and understand their gas consumption, fostering a more energy-conscious mindset and potentially leading to cost savings through more efficient energy use.

5. Pulse Generators

Actaris Gas Totaliser provides two low frequency (LF) pulse generators and one anti-tampering  (AT) alarm. High-frequency pulse generators provide a higher resolution signal, for process control purposes or fast accuracy checks. Two types of sensors can be offered, HF2 detects the rotation of a toothed disc on the turbine wheel shaft and the HF3 detects the blades of the turbine wheel.  

6. Environmental Adaptability

Recognising the diverse environments in which gas meters are installed, the Dresser Actaris TZ is designed to perform reliably in a range of climatic conditions. Whether installed in cold, hot, humid, or dry environments, it maintains consistent performance, a key advantage for global deployments.

7. Regulatory Compliance

The Actaris TZ is designed to meet and exceed various international standards and regulatory requirements. This compliance is crucial for utilities and consumers who must adhere to strict regulations regarding gas measurement and safety. Conformity includes: MID, PED, ATEX, EMC.


The Dresser Actaris TZ turbine gas meter is a testament to the advancements in gas metering technology. Its blend of accuracy, durability, smart capabilities, user-friendliness, safety, environmental adaptability, and regulatory compliance make it a top choice for modern gas metering needs. As the world continues to focus on efficient and safe energy use, the Actaris TZ stands out as a key tool in managing our gas resources effectively.

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