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ABB Power over Ethernet flow meters

Stream are excited to announce that industrial Ethernet has officially entered instrumentation offering performance at the speed of light. ABB have integrated power supply through Ethernet connectivity on their range of flow meters including the electromagnetic flowmeter ProcessMaster and coriolis mass flowmeter CoriolisMaster.


Why is this beneficial for our customers? 

Power over Ethernet will:

  • Increase security, simplicity, flexibility, reliability and performance.
  • Give customers the first-ever flow device with Power over Ethernet functionality. No extra power source or additional wires needed, only reduced complexity and cost savings.
  • Future-proof its technology, ensuring longevity and continued operations of our offering in plants as our customers move through an increasingly automated world (Industry 4.0. and smart cities).
  • Offer secure webserver capability that enables support during commissioning and troubleshooting.
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