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ST/LX Turbine Meter

With its stainless steel construction the ST/LX range of liquid flowmeters provide the ideal solution for the process measurement of oil and industrial liquids.

This robust flow meter comprises of just three main elements, ensuring longevity and low lifetime costs, installed within a stainless steel body and fitted with a magnetic pick-up. The rotor and shaft assembly is mounted between journal bearings within the rotor shaft support and is turned by the kinetic energy of the flowing liquid at an angular velocity, which in the linear range of the flowmeter is proportional to the mean axial velocity of the fluid.

The rotor blades, with close clearance to the inner bore, pass by the magnetic pick-up initiating a pulse. Flow rate is therefore determined by the frequency of the pulses and totalised flow is obtained by the summing these pulses.

  • Stainless Steel 316 Construction
  • Linearity +/- 0.5% (+/- 0.2% With 101)
  • Repeatability +/- 0.1%
  • Temperature Range 30 ° C to +120 ° C
  • Pressure Drop 250 mbar at Qmax
  • Selection of End Connections