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Stream Measurement are uniquely positioned due to our measurement expertise and our in-house software development team. This provides customers with a bespoke measurement and data software solution to support their process and utility applications.  For customers looking to increase efficiency, reduce costs, meet new regulations, identify waste and/or improve environmental performance, we have the know-how to create the measurement and data solution you require.  Our team of software engineers have developed ‘cloud’ based measurement dashboards for various applications including: medical gases, energy, steam and multi-utilities. We can develop and create customised software solutions to support your network of measurement device within various locations.  We are currently delivering ‘measurement as a service’ within health, food and beverage, energy, water utility, gas utility and oil and gas markets.

Key Pains & Gains


  • How to meet new 'net zero' regulations - scope1,2,3
  • Identifying wastage and leakage within processes
  • How to gain measurement in difficult applications
  • Identifying efficiencies and cost savings
  • How to gain 'data' from a variety of measurement technologies
  • Data security
  • Accurate and verified measurement


  • Data available 24/7
  • Confidence to make decisions and take action
  • Improve environmental performance
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Expert advice on applications, measurement and data
  • Peace of mind

Listen to Calum talking measurement and data.

Stream Measurement's expertise and ability to move swiftly makes them a fantastic team to work with.
Hugh McCartan, Royal Alexandria Hospital, Paisley.


Work with an experienced team of highly-skilled engineers to devise meaningful data solutions that will give your engineers greater control, and the tools to embed and support continuous improvement.

Data Capabilities

Commissioning & Calibration

Our team can commission your instrumentation, digitally verify it, and calibrate it onsite or on our liquid and gas rigs.

Commissioning & Calibration
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