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Stream provide Sensus AMR solution for leading water utility network

Customer Issue

Following a change of ownership of the Barking Riverside site in London, Stream were approached by a leading water operator to supply and support a smart Sensus Automated Meter Reading (AMR) solution.    


What we provided:

  • Sensus AMR infrastructure - site survey undertaken to find out the most efficient placement of the kit
  • Sensus 640 meters - 4000 units provided with specific utilities signal encryption to ensure robust security
  • Sensus Diavaso Software
  • Sensus Repeater - radio repeaters are placed in strategic locations to extend signal range to be picked up by the gateway
  • Sensus SIRT for collecting data from gateways with walk by meter reading, along with an external car antenna that works with the SIRT to allow drive by meter reading


Stream provided:

  • a ‘one stop shop’ to supply and support all metering equipment to provide a successful smart Automatic Meter Reading solution
  • technical support to ensure a successful installation
  • expediting all site issues, final 1500 meters had to be changed from manifold to inline

This Stream, Sensus AMR solution is now the standard for this water provider going forward.