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Cask Batching System

Customer Issue

Our customer required a batching system that could batch 210lts into barrels of whiskey both accurate and cost effective. The distillery was losing product with their current filling method.

In addition, each batch had to be recorded and the system had to be able to work within the ATEX area of the distillery.


We delivered a solution that enabled the batching system to be remotely operated from the zoned area using an Intrinsically safe valve and the Stream Unipulse flow meter (classed as safe apparatus) with a remote switch that linked through a set of specified barriers to enable the batching to completed with a repeatability of +/- 0.5 of a lt and recording of each batch to be achieved. 


The system supplied by Stream Measurement enabled our customer to develop two complete delivery systems at a similar price to one typical system that is currently available in the market. As the manufacturer of the Stream Unipulse Flow meter, we are able to build a standalone bespoke batching system around a suitable meter including the Stream Unipulse meter.

All of our batching systems are supplied as a “plug and play “ system with the batch controllers pre programmed to work with the meter supplied.