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ABB Swirl flow meter reduces costs at chemical plant

Customer Issue

Stream have been helping a large chemical plant with plant efficiencies and to implement smart metering across the plant.

After initial discussions, it was discovered that large savings could be made on both steam and nitrogen measurement throughout the plant.

A site survey was conducted along with several discussions with key employees across the plant. Several solutions were considered to allow the customer to gain better control and insight into their plant and costs.


Firstly, Stream carried out a flow survey of nitrogen using an ultrasonic clamp-on flow meter. The results were compared against the installed vortex flow meters and in areas when no metering was installed. This provide the customer certainty that costs could be saved following investment in flow meters.

Stream offered various technologies to the chemical plant and recommended two types of flow meter technology (Swirl and Vortex) due to cost restrictions.


Whilst the Vortex technology was more cost effective, the customer took into consideration pipe modifications required for Vortex installations. The ABB Swirl meter was the most effective solution looking at the bigger picture as not all areas had the required straight lengths as per manufacturers guidelines (see image below).

ABB Swirl Flow Meter

The Swirl meter offers the shortest Inlet and outlet conditions enabling flexible use in installations such as reducer or after elbows. All this while providing +-0.5% accuracy. The meter also uses integrated online self-verification which is integrated continuous online self-diagnosis. The entire measuring system, from the transmitter to the Piezo sensor, is checked without removing the measuring device and without interrupting the process.

Also, if you need further verification the new ABB Ability software has the capability of producing verification reports.