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Working at Stream

We’re always looking for new talent. Whether it be as a new trainee engineer at our factory, an apprentice at our sales office or a senior-level appointment – we recognise that good people make Stream what it is today.

As a company, one of our key USPs is our enduring focus on customer service and after sales support. It has been that way for more than 90 years of successful operation and we are keen never to lose the ‘human touch’ that our clients appreciate. Any new job applicants must understand and contribute to that ethos.

That same ethos makes Stream a vibrant, fun place to work. We are all people persons and we strive to ensure that the atmosphere for our staff is comfortable and pleasant.

Ours is a technical industry, so we’re looking for bright staff who can comprehensively understand the specifications and applications of our various products.

Please email your CV with covering letter to