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In addition to their manufacture of the highly regarded Unipulse positive displacement flowmeter Stream Measurement, as a respected UK Manufacturer and Distributor, offer a comprehensive range of products both from their own production and exclusive supplier partnerships with a number of world leading flowmeter companies. Specifically for the measurement and batching of industrial process fluids the range includes both Mechanical and Electronic technologies such as Positive Displacement, Turbine, Electro-magnetic, Coriolis Massflow, Vortex and Swirl for fluid viscosities ranging from Alcohol to Molasses for use within any Industrial Process application.

Unipulse - Accurate Positive Displacement

Neptune MP - The King of Mechanical Flowmetering

Neptune TypeS - Tolerant to Particulate Matter

ST-DE43 - For High Accuracy Metering Applications

ST-MC23 & MC27 Trio-Mass Coriolis Flowmeter

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