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Stream Unipulse Spares Kits

Stream Unipulse Spares Kits

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As the manufacturer, Stream hold in stock all the part parts you could ever need to service, repair or rebuild your Unipulse Flowmeters.

Introduced as a way to reduce our customers costs, the availability of a spares kit makes ordering simple and ensures all of the correct parts are supplied to carryout routine maintenance on the Unipulse flowmeter, whilst ensure a lower cost solution over buying the parts individually.

Covering the whole piston range the Piston kits are available in Noryl, PEEK, PTFE, Aluminium and Bronze to suit the application fluid and comprises a replacement Piston, Roller Set and a Barrier.

For 1” Unipulse UP200M Flowmeter:
Piston Kit Comprises 1x Piston + 1x Barrier

SKUP200MN Piston Kit for UP200M (Metric) with Noryl Piston 115˚C
SKUP200MP Piston Kit for UP200M (Metric) with PEEK Piston 120˚C
SKUP200MT Piston Kit for UP200M (Metric) with PTFE Piston 38˚C
SKUP200MA Piston Kit for UP200M (Metric) with Aluminium Piston 100˚C
SKUP200MB Piston Kit for UP200M (Metric) with Bronze Piston  100˚C
SKUP200MV  Piston Kit for UP200M (PVC Version - Metric) with PVC Piston 38˚C

0839049K O-Ring Set for UP200M - Viton
0869049K O-Ring Set for UP200M - PTFE

For 2” Unipulse UP20M Flowmeter:
Piston Kit Comprises 1x Piston + 2x Rollers + 1x Barrier

SKUP20MN Piston Kit for UP20M (Metric) with Noryl Piston 115˚C
SKUP20MP Piston Kit for UP20M (Metric) with PEEK Piston 120˚C
SKUP20MT Piston Kit for UP20M (Metric) with PTFE Piston 38˚C
SKUP20MA Piston Kit for UP20M (Metric) with Aluminium Piston 100˚C
SKUP20MB Piston Kit for UP20M (Metric) with Bronze Piston 100˚C
SKUP20MV  Piston Kit for UP20M (PVC Version - Metric) with PVC Piston 38˚C

0840049K O-Ring Set for UP20M - Viton
0870049K O-Ring Set for UP20M - PTFE

For 3” Unipulse UP10M Flowmeter:
Piston Kit Comprises 1x Piston + 2x Rollers + 1x Barrier

SKUP10MP Piston Kit for UP10M (Metric) with PEEK Piston 120˚C
SKUP10MT Piston Kit for UP10M (Metric) with PTFE Piston 38˚C
SKUP10MA Piston Kit for UP10M (Metric) with Aluminium Piston 100˚C
SKUP10MB Piston Kit for UP10M (Metric) with Bronze Piston 100˚C

0841049K O-Ring Set for UP10M - Viton
0871049K O-Ring Set for UP10M - PTFE

Parts Common to All Stream Unipulse Flowmeters:

T0839014K Reed Switch Kit for Unipulse UP20M and UP10M
  Includes 1x Reed Switch + 2x Screws + 2x Washers

T0839014K1 Reed Switch Kit for Unipulse UP200M
  Includes 1x Reed Switch + 2x Screws

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