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WaterMind Logger for DataLogging from Multiple Metering Points

WaterMind Logger for DataLogging from Multiple Metering Points

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Worldwide water providers supply water to populations from a few thousands to a few millions inhabitants. However, it is often only a small fraction of the population that accounts for the largest proportion of the total water consumption. Therefore, this makes them major contributors to the utility’s revenue generation.

Understanding that, many water providers all over the world are paying extra attention to these large consumers, made up of large industrial and commercial accounts, hotels, hospitals, universities, sport facilities, green area services,etc...

WaterMind Logger

To help utilities serve their large consumers, Itron,a long-time supplier of high-performance water meters for large consumers, developed WaterMind, a dedicated real-time supervision system, this is now available from Stream Measurement.

WaterMind’s innovative concept is based on the processing of accurate meter information into intelligence that is directly usable by the utilities to protect their revenue, improve their operations efficiency and enhance the satisfaction level of their strategic customers.

Unlike standard data-loggers, WaterMind does not transfer millions of bits of raw data each day to the back-office of the utility. Instead, it was designed with a maximum of Intelligence at the metering point to process data as early as possible in the chain of information.

The WaterMind Analyzer permanently audits the water meters, comparing the real-time water consumptions with the actual meter performance and flow range characteristics. Thus allowingdynamic detection of meters that are not correctly selected or sized.

Every day, the WaterMind Analyzer transmits consumption data to the WaterMind Supervision software . It communicates pre-analyzed information that has value for the operators.


  • permanent meter monitoring
  • transmits pre-analyzed information to Supervision software
  • real-time alarms directly sent to mobile phone

Key Features

  • connect up to 4 water meters
  • flow measurement based on actual time between pulses
  • Short messages (SMS) via GSM network
  • easy manual configuration (no laptop)

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