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Flow Straighteners

Flow Straighteners

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Flow straighteners are designed to avoid the negative effects that flow disturbance might generate on metering. Mainly to be installed directly upstream of horizontal Woltmann meters, they refurbish the flow vane potentially disturbed by elements such as valves, filters, elbows, pumps …

Accurate metering is then secured despite the upstream condition. Two straightener types exist. Types apply for the requested sizes:

S-3D type for sizes from DN50 to DN200
RJ-1 type for sizes from DN250 to DN500

S-3D Description

S-3D combines the effects of both increase/decrease in flow vane diameter and ribs placed in the flow direction to break turbulences.
Due to its compact design, S-3D only requires 3 times its diameter for installation.

RJ-1 Description

RJ-1 is made of triangular channels guiding the flow, limiting the impact of turbulences.
All lengths of RJ-1 require 500 mm of installation space.

Installation Requirements
• S-3D can be installed in any direction.
• RJ-1 should be installed following the flow direction indicated on the body.


Special drilling and high pressure RJ-1 version (40 bars) available upon request from sizes 150 to 500 mm (cast iron PN 25 or 40).

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