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ST326 Tanker Loading Computer with Analog Valve Control for Smooth Ramp/Down

ST326 Tanker Loading Computer with Analog Valve Control for Smooth Ramp/Down

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The ST-326 tanker loading computer is a preset system especially designed for the automation of loading applications, whether in Safe or Hazardous areas. The ST-326 is a complete “stand-alone” control system with full communication options to link with high-end computer systems. The analog actuator control output is used to precisely regulate valve closure during an eight stage ramp-down cycle. With the mechanic SPST relays, pumps and non-drip valves can be controlled or two-stage process control of the valve.

The process is continuously monitored with functions including: earth connection, overfill alarm and flow rate monitoring. Deviations are immediately corrected or alarmed. Design flexibility permits custom-madesolutions for many applications

All of the features of the ST-310 with:
  • Displays: quantity loaded, preset value, flow rate, product name
  • Smooth ramp-up and multi-stage ramp-down control
  • Extensive monitoring functions ensures maximum safety
  • Option of Compact explosion-proof enclosure; ATEX certified
  • Very large and clear 80 character alphanumeric display
  •  Inputs for: pulse and namur sensors
Fail safe inputs to control the process remotely Process control:
  • two-stage or with (0)4 – 20mA output.
  • Batch, time and alarm relays available.
  • Very high accuracy thanks to a self learning process control.
  • Operational temperature: -20°C to +60°C (-4°F to +140°F)
  • User-friendly operation with clear menu structure

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