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ST- F133 Dispenser Controller with Pump Start & Valve Control

ST- F133 Dispenser Controller with Pump Start & Valve Control

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The ST-F133 is especially designed for the controlled delivery of varying batch quantities. Similar to the function of a fuel dispenser - the unit incorporates control functions with time delays to sequence control a pump and valve for example software to enable the unit to expect a flow within a certain period of time. The ST-F133 displays flow rate and maximum preset quantity and will close the valve if no pulses are received from the flowmeter. Sub deliveries are also catered for - allowing the user to fill up several compartments during the same delivery. The unit offers several resettable and non-resettable totalisers as well as a batch counter. and can be further enhance with the options of Intrinsic Safety Approval for hazardous area applications and full Modbus communication.
  • Large display shows delivered quantity, flow rate and status simultaneously
  • Suitable for filling-up multiple compartments within one delivery
  • Flow rate: seven 8mm (0.31”) digit
  • All control functions available for pump start, valve control and flow rate monitoring with flexible response time
  • Displays flowrate and total simultaneously

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