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ST/TOT 402 Add / Subtract Totaliser

ST/TOT 402 Add / Subtract Totaliser

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Used for a variety of applications where accurate flow totalisation is required, the ST/TOT402 provides an easy to read, resetable (optional) display which can be used with any Stream (Contact Closure) flowmeter - whether for industrial process or secondary monitoring.

  • Lithium Battery Powered
  • Reset Button (Optional)
  • Large 8 Digit LCD Display
  • Programmable Input
  • Scale Factor
  • External Reset Input
  • Scaleable Display
  • Fitted within IP65 Case (Optional)
  • Contact Closure Input

Technical Specification 

Power:  Count Inputs: 
Internal Lithium Battery  Input B: (Terminal 2) Contact Closure Input 
Life Expectancy: 5 years  Speed: 0 - 20Hz 
  Min Low Time : 10 Milliseconds 
Physical:  Min High Time : 40 Milliseconds 
Operating Temperature : -20°c to +70°c  Impedance: 101K ohm 
Operating Humidity: 60% Non Condensating   
Weight: 2.2oz Net  Voltage Thresholds: Low 0 to 0.4Vdc 
Display Size: 0.43” High  High 2.0 to 2.8 Vdc 
Front Panel Rating: NEMA 4X (with Gasket)  Max High 28 Vdc 
Case Material: Cycolac   
  Reset Input: 
Totaliser:  Min Low: 0.25 to 1 sec 
Type: UP Counting  Voltage Threshold: Low 0 to 04 Vdc 
Digits: 8  High 2.0 to 28 Vdc 
Count Accuracy:  Front Panel Reset Enable: 
100% when operated within specifications  Operation: Level Sensitive (Maintained) 

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