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Calibration and Support Services for Biogas

Calibration and Support Services for Biogas

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Support Repairs for Biogas MetersAs a respected flow meter manufacturer Stream know exactly what makes a flowmeter tick, which means that we are best placed to assist with calibration and applications advice.  Our calibration tests are all based on the ‘wet test principle’ which ensures that a flowmeter is operating to its best potential. When testing flowmeters in-situ this also means that we are checking the entire meter installation ensuring the flowmeter accuracy is not being effected by any entrained air, bends, valves or the pipework its self.

Our services are utilised by many of the worlds leading manufacturing companies covering the production of Pharmaceuticals, Food, Chemicals, Paints and Petroleum – all of which insist on the greatest standards of workmanship and highest levels of accuracy.

Stream’s association with the Schlumberger Neptune Group and their long established relationships with other flowmeter manufacturers allows them to repair & calibrate most f lowmeters at competitive prices whilst ensuring a fast response time.

Our engineers are experienced with most manufacturers’ f owmeters and carry a comprehensive selection of parts, particularly for Schlumberger Neptune flowmeters for which we stock an almost entire range

  • Onsite or Return to Factory Calibration - Covering whole of UK
  • 24Hr turnaround for scheduled meters
  • Fully traceable service – National Standards, UKAS, Weights & Measures, OFGEM
  • Service for all Process & Energy f owmeters
  • Selection of fluid mediums - water, Oil or Air
  • Wet test principle - ensure actual flowmeter performance
  • 80 years of flowmeter expertise - we know about flowmeters
  • Collection & Delivery Service
  • Pro-active maintenance support programmes
  • Free Guidance & Application Experience

Covering the whole of the UK, Stream offer a tailored pro-active on-site maintenance package which can be used to minimise production downtime.As with all of our product offering – the services Stream offer are all fully supported by our ISO9000 quality program.

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