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Neptune Type 40 11/4? and 11/2? Refined Fuel Flowmeters

Neptune Type 40 11/4? and 11/2? Refined Fuel Flowmeters

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Because of the value and volume of product metered in any bulk plant or truck operation, errors are costly. For this reason, accuracy is the most important criteria in flowmeter selection.

Neptune 1 1⁄4and 11⁄2Refined Fuel Flowmeters provide accurate and convenient measurement of refined petroleum products for cost control, loss prevention and invoicing. These rugged positive displacement flowmeters incorporate Actaris refined fuel measuring chamber which has only one  moving part . . . the oscillating piston

Installation is easy, calibration is quick, cleaning is simple and maintenance costs are low.

Neptune Refined Fuel Flowmeters give you many outstanding features, but none more important than sustained accuracy year after year.

FLOW RATE 11⁄4: 5 to 30 gpm (19 to 114 lpm). 11⁄2: 12 to 60 gpm (45 to 227 lpm). .

RESET WHEEL CAPACITY 9,999.9 litres on direct Reading Registers.

PRESET SETTING CAPACITY 9,999 litres on Models 832 and 834.

PRINTING WHEEL CAPACITY 9,999.9 litres Models 833 and 834.

TOTALIZER CAPACITY 9,999,999 litres — standard.

MATERIALS Casings — non-ferrous. Interior mechanism — corrosion-resistant metals. Housing — Aluminum Measuring Chamber — Bronze Piston — Aluminum Dynamic Seals — Flurocarbon   Static Seals — Nitrile

TEMPERATURE 140°F (60°C) maximum.

OPERATING PRESSURE  125 psi (9 bar) maximum.

DIRECTION OF FLOW  The user may set the register in the desired position by following directions furnished with the flowmeter. Direction of flow in flowmeters will be from left to right unless otherwise specified.

CONNECTIONS 11⁄4Type 40: Flanged. Companion flanges furnished tapped for 11⁄2standard pipe unless 11⁄4tapping is ordered. 11⁄2Type 40: Non-auto stop — flanged. Companion flanges tapped for 11⁄2standard pipe. Auto-stop — inlet flanged, with companion flange tapped for 11⁄2standard pipe. Valve outlet tapped for 2standard pipe.

UNITS OF MEASURE  Calibration is in litres, but imperial gallons, US Gallons, and other unit indications can be provided on order where the mechanism permits.

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