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NeptuneType 4 - Petroleum Tank Truck Flowmeters

NeptuneType 4 - Petroleum Tank Truck Flowmeters

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Actaris 11⁄4" and 11⁄2" Type 4 compact flowmeters are superb instruments for small and medium capacity tank truck metering. These flowmeters are completely self contained and come with strainer, air release valve andback pressure valve. Because they are compact, they save valuable payload space and weight

FLOW RATE  11⁄4Flowmeter: 5 to 30 gpm (19 to 114 lpm).  11⁄2Flowmeter: 12 to 60 gpm (45 to 227 lpm).

TEMPERATURE  140°F (60°C) maximum.

OPERATING PRESSURE  125 psi (9 bar) maximum

UNITS OF MEASURE Calibration is in litres, but Imperial gallons and U.S. gallons can be provided on order where mechanism permits.

DIRECTION OF FLOW 11⁄4Flowmeter: Flanged. Flowmeter furnished with companion flanges tapped for 11⁄2standard pipe. 11⁄2Flowmeter: Flowmeter furnished with companion inlet flange tapped for 11⁄2standard pipe. Auto-Stop Model valve outlet tapped for 2standard pipe; Non- Auto-Stop Models furnished with companion outlet flange tapped for 11⁄2standard pipe.

RESET SETTING CAPACITY  9,999.9 litres on Direct Reading Registers

PRESET SETTING CAPACITY  9,999.9 litres on Models 832 (842) and 834 (844).

PRINTING WHEEL CAPACITY  9,999.9 litres on Models 833 (843) and 834 (844).

TOTALIZER CAPACITY  99,999,999 litres.

MATERIALS Housing — Aluminum, Measuring Chamber — Bronze, Piston — Aluminum, Dynamic Seals — Fluorocarbon, Static Seals — Nitrile

ACCESSORIES None required. Strainer, air release and back pressure  valve are assembled with the flowmeter.

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