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Air Relief Valve - LKUV-1

 Air Relief Valve - LKUV-1

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LKUV-1 is a reliable, automatic air-release valve which is installed vertically on the top of a pipeline or container where the removal of air is required. Below are two examples of using the LKUV-1.

Example 1:

Bleeding of a pipe line where an air pocket has formed on account of the installation. In this case the valve is installed at the top of the pipe.

Example 2:

Bleeding of a pipe on the suction side of a pump. The suction side is bled automatically, before the pump starts, establishing a vacuum. Binding of air to the product will be prevented, and hence subsequent cavitation.

In this case the valve is installed in front of the pump, on top of the inlet pipe.

Working principle

LKUV-1 is a double-seated valve with a freely moving plastic ball.

The ball, which is lighter than water, closes against the upper or lower seat, depending on the pressure conditions.

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