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M-Bus Digital Master Series DR003/DR004

M-Bus Digital Master Series DR003/DR004

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The family of digital M-Bus master interfaces is ideally suited for large M-Bus installations with up to 250 slaves. Due to the modular design models with RS232, RS485 or current loop physical interface are available. Thus the series provides a suitable solution for different host controller systems.

With one member of the family, the DR007, nearly unlimited network extensions and unrestricted number of slaves are possible. It offers a real repeater function, which allows to put devices in chain without signal distortion.

The optional internal or external modem allows scanning of all measured data from any location and without need of a localPC.

  • High end M-Bus master interface for up to 250 slaves
  • Sophisticated signal processing
  • Transmission rate up to 38400 baud
  • RS232, RS485 or current loop options
  • Bus overcurrent and lightning protection
  • Repeater option for network extension

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