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Delta QD - Rotary Piston budget solution for low flows

Delta QD - Rotary Piston budget solution for low flows

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DELTA QD meters are volumetric meters. The flow of gas moves the pistons and each rotation traps and transfers a specific volume of gas. The movement is mechanically transmitted to the totaliser.

  • High accuracy and rangeability budget meter
  • Very low pressure loss
  • No influence of installation conditions nor stop-and-go flow rate on the accuracy
  • Protection class IP67 9-digit mechanical totaliser
  • Various options available: Cyble Sensor, high frequency transmitter, thermowell,etc.

Quantomete r QD6 0,Qma x:60 3 m /h equipped with Cyble Sensor ATEX

DELTA QD are designed to measure natural gas and various filtered and non-corrosive gases as well as compressed air. Due to the volumetric principle of the DELTA QD, its metrology is not influenced by installation conditions. Consequently, it can be used to build very compact stations without installing a straight pipe inlet before the meter.  They have been especially designed for industrial use and for secondary measurement and are particularly adapted when the flow can be low or irregular.

Standard Features

Flow range :

  • QD25 0.8 to 25 m 3/h 
  • QD60 2 to 60 m 3/h

Accuracy: < +/-1,5% on the complete flow range

Starting Flow:

  • QD25 < 0.035 m 3/h
  • QD60 < 0.035 m 3/h

Maximum operating pressure: 16 bar

Temperature range: Gas and ambient temperature: -30°C to +60°C

Storing temperature: -40°C to +70°C

Pressure loss at maximum flow (with gas: = 0,83Kg/m3)  

  • QD25 0.83 mbar
  • QD60 4.1 mbar

Connections: Internal thread DN40 1”1/2 ISO 228

Pressure tappings: 4 tappings 1/4” NPT at the inlet and outlet of the meter.

Low frequency transmitter: double low frequency transmitter type reed switch connected to a socket 6 pins following DIN45322.

Pulse value: 0.01 m3/pulse

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