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MBus to ModBus Converter

MBus to ModBus Converter

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Our MBUS modules offer an easy-to-handle and cost effective solution to collect data from MBUS devices (water meter, heat meter, current meter, gas meter). Due to the open MODBUS standard that is used to read the data a broad range of applications is given in the fields of building management, building management systems and in industrial automation. The MBUS connection is performed via RS232 or RS485.
·             Supply voltage: 24VDC
·             Each converter can read data from up to 8/24 meters (8/24 unit loads!)
·             Communication speeds:
          v MBUS: 300bps - 38400bps
          v MODBUS: 9600bps - 57600bps
·             Modbus connection: RS232 or RS485
·             Configuration of up to 198 values via PC software
·             Pauses between the individual readings can be set: 0-65535 s
·             Standard data is supplied in 4 configurable formats:
          v 16 bit binary number presigned
          v 32 bit binary number presigned
          v 32 bit real number (Intel format)
          v 32 bit real number (Motorola format)
·             Exponent shift can be defined (e.g. conversion from kW to MW)
·             Meter Bus is galvanically isolated from the MODBUS
·             Mountable on 35mm DIN rail 
MBUS-MODBUS Configurator for configuration

The meters from which data should be read are configured and defined via PC software. All configured MBUS modules now periodically send queries to the MBUS devices connected and store the data internally in MODBUS holding register. A higher-ranking host system (PC, PLC, special hardware), can read the stored values via MODBUS RTU master protocol (RS232 or RS485).

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