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DIN Mounted Pulse Splitter SY027PSO-F

DIN Mounted Pulse Splitter SY027PSO-F

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This pulse splitter allows two pulse counter devices to be connected to one flowmeter pulse output signal.

Flowmeter pulses at the input are reproduced at two separate outputs.
The input connections allow for flowmeters with active (voltage) or passive (volt free switch) signal outputs. The pulse frequency of the passive input is limited to prevent switch bounce pulses from reed switch contacts.

The outputs are solid state, non polarised and electrically isolated switches. This prevents contention between devices connected at the output that may have different input voltage switching requirements. e.g. BMS, PLC, Data-logger etc. These can have inputs that require current source or sink and or dissimilar voltage (battery powered) switching.

Splitter Specifications
Moulded grey flame retardant polyamide modular case. Symmetrical or Asymmetrical Din rail mounting.
Size L x H x W    
65mm x 65mm x 18mm
Power Supply
7 to 30 VDC at 25 mA max.
Input Signal 
(Active) Voltage pulse. (Terminals A-B) 1-30Vdc max Frequency limit: 1kHz
(Passive) Volt free switch. (Terminals B-C)   Frequency limit: 50 Hz.
Output signals 
2 x Opto coupled MOS FET relay.
Maximum switching capacity:     50V at 120 mA.
On resistance:                          18 to 35 ohms max.
Off leakage current:                   1µA max.
Screwed cage clamp
Screen cable used for signal connections
Input screens connected to panel earth or Splitter 0V. (Terminal A)
Output screens connected to counter device common or panel earth.
In all cases connect cable screens at one end only.

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