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Neptune 4-MT NWML Approved Refined Fuels Flowmeter

Neptune 4-MT NWML Approved Refined Fuels Flowmeter

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In worldwide operation for over 30 years, the Neptune Type 4-MT has full UK Weights and Measures Approval for fiscal billing and ensures exceptional accuracy with unrivaled longevity. Offered with a range of mechanical register options, common to the choice of Neptune flowmeters - including Non-resetable Totalising, Resetable and Totalling, Mechanical Batching and Ticket Printing.  When combined with the 842 preset register and autostop valve assembly the unit becomes a robust and reliable mechanical batching system - ideal for hazardous environments.

Utilising rotary piston technology the MP flowmeter ensures the highest level of accuracy and greatest batch repeatability with proven longevity and reliability. 

  • No straight pipe lengths or power requirements
  • 100% mechanical batching capability - ideal for hazardous areas
  • Fitted with change gears for positive calibration
  • High resolution pulse output option
  • Autoswitch fitting enables remote pump/valve switching
  • Totalising, Resetable, Preset and Ticket Printing Registers
  • Two stage valve and Air-release options
  • Greatly enlarged air release improves performance
  • Low pressure drop, high flow range
  • Compact light weight
  • Fully compatible with new E4000 Electronic Register System as well as conventional 800 Series mechanical registers
  • Oscillating piston with hard, low friction Nituff Teflon impregnated coating for long life.


Size inches

European Flow Range Litres/Min

1 1/4"


1 1/2"





116 - 1166

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