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MBus Automatic Meter Reading Technology

MBus Automatic Meter Reading Technology

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Principally a ‘hard-wire’ system with the new benefit of wireless transmitters mbus is particularly cost effective where meters are installed over several floors of a building such as apartments, flats or hospitals and can be incorporated with a radio system or hand held system depending upon the topography of the installed meter base to ensure a most flexible meter reading solution.
MBus can be fitted to any flowmeter with a suitable pulse output and has been developed with a wide range of components to ensure an ideal solution for systems ranging from less than ten flowmeters to many thousands. Systems can also utilise a datalogging MBus collector which enables meters to be read say every thirty minutes at a remote location with the data being stored for reading via modem connection once a day – providing an ideal solution for multiple location projects. As with the Hand Held and Radio Systems MBus can utilise the common DOKOM management software.
 MBus Automatic Meter Reading Technology

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