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The new FSV400 Intelligent Vortex Flowmeter

The new FSV400 Intelligent Vortex Flowmeter

The new FSV430 and FSV450 VortexMaster form the latest models in the new series of truly intelligent  Vortex flowmeters. Building on the excellent reputation of the VT4, which has lead the market for the last 5 years, the FSV430 and 450 offer an enhanced sensor design - enabling the flowmeter to achieve an exceptionally wide flow range turndown and performance accuracy. Ideal for the monitoring of Steam, high temperature water, gases or process fluids, having no moving parts. For general fluid applications, and with HART Protocol the VT4000 provides an LCD display of fluid flowrate.  The FSV430 can be purchased as a blind flowmeter with 4-20mA output and HART communications, whilst the intelligent FSV450 can be supplied with a host of options including LCD Display, 4 button 'through the lens' configuration or the unit can be supplied as a complete steam metering system, fully compatible with the requirements of RHI.

  • Accuracy +/- 0.65% of rate for liquid / +/- 0.9% of rate for gases
  • Sizes 15mm to 300mm
  • Pressure Rating upto PN160 / ANSI900
  • Special Steam option with inbuilt temperature sensor, inbuilt steam calculator and external pressure transducer

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