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PW60 Multiple Display Interface

PW60 Multiple Display Interface

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The Stream PW60 Multiple Display Interface provides a simple means of remotely reading upto 60x meters from one single point using one solitary instrument.

For use with meters having either mbus or pulse outputs, the PW60 enables the meters to be read either sequentially or by calling up an individual meter through its backlit LCD display using simple key strokes, alternatively it is possible to connect a PC or Modem to the PW60 using its RS232 interface.

During installation the meters are automatically detected and stored to a list within its EEPROM. The display of the PW60 can monitor consumption or can be aligned to match the register of the connected meters. Additionally each meter can be given a password - enabling individual tenants to view only their own meter consumption.

Connection to the PW60 with an mbus output meter is made directly via a bus network. When connecting with pulse output meters a Padpuls module is required, which converts the pulse into an mbus EN1434-3 protocol for onward connection to the PW60.

  • Remotely view totals for upto 60 meters on one single instrument
  • Mbus or Pulse Input
  • Mains Powered
  • RS232 interface - allows direct reading of meters by PC
  • Automatically detects connected meters
  • View consumption data viewed sequentially or access an individual meter

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