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RHI Steam Metering Systems

RHI Steam Metering Systems

The Renewable Heat Incentive guidance states that steam meters used for RHI purposes must be able to continuously measure the steam properties and calculate the cumulative steam energy that has passed through the measuring system.

This can be achieved using Stream ST/VT4 steam flow meter, which has an inbuilt temperature sensor and steam tables for the measurement of steam mass. The energy consumption can be calculated manually from the steam density detail.

Alternatively Stream offer a packaged system incorporating their ST/VT steam flow meter, with a flow computer and separate temperature and pressure transducers.  This system can provide constant measurement of steam mass and steam energy, whilst displaying independently the steam temperature and pressure.

Covering either saturated or superheated steam temperatures upto 400DegC and pressures upto 65Bar.

The system is supplied complete with a pocket for installation of the temperature probe and heat sinks for the higher temperature applications – ensuring a complete system solution.

As with all systems and flow computers supplied by Stream, the system is checked and configured free of charge before despatch to simplify onsite installation and start-up.

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