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Stream ABB ST4 Steam Swirl Flowmeter

Stream ABB ST4 Steam Swirl Flowmeter

Using patented Swirl technology the ABB ST4 and SR4 are specifically designed for installation with very short pipelength availability.  Like the VT4 and VR4 Vortex flowmeters the Swirl meter has an inbuilt temperature sensor and steam tables to provide a direct measurement of steam massflow. Supplied with either senor or remote mounted transmitter the unit provides a clear LCD display of Rate and Total with both Pulse and 4-20mA outputs as standard.

  • Direct measurement of steam mass
  • Inbuilt Temperature Sensor & Steam Tables
  • Steam Temperature option to 280°C
  • EExd & Intrinsically Safe Options
  • Minimal straight pipe lengths (Swirl)
  • Range of output communications

With the Swirl meter minimal inlet & outlet straight pipe lengths are required; Straight sections with a length of 3D should be installed upstream and 1D downstream.

Stream ABB ST4 Steam Swirl Flowmeter

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