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Fluidwell N410 DIN Panel Mount Batch Controller

Fluidwell N410 DIN Panel Mount Batch Controller

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Fluidwell launches the new N410 - the first product in an exciting new line

Full Numerical Keypad
The N410 offers the very latest in panel mount batch controllers - with a full numerical keypad, adding to its already high level of simplicity and user-friendliness.

Unique and crystal clear modern LCD display
Provides multiple batch control data simultaneously at a glance, including a graphical indication of the batch process and the relay status. The bright backlight is standard, ensuring perfect readings day and night - taking batch controlling to a new level.

Full Numerical Keypad

Versatile Compact Design
Distributed by Stream Measurement, the greatest advantage of this new DIN size panel mount batch controller is its versatility. The combination of the full numerical keypad, clear user-friendly display and its compact size, makes this new N410 the ideal choice for standalone batch control.

**Special Launch Discount Offer**

As part of the product launch Stream and Fluidwell are offering special enhanced discounts on all orders for the N410 during February and March – with all units pre-configured for your application, making the N410 is as simple as plug and play and saving significant time and cost on installation.