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EMU Smart-me - Web Based Energy Monitoring Application

EMU Smart-me - Web Based Energy Monitoring Application

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Smart-me from EMU is a free web based application that evaluates and monitors consumption data online. Whether it's and electricity, gas, water, steam or heat meter.  With smart-me you have complete control of your energy consumption.


  • Automated data processing
  • Individual user account
  • Fast & simple start up
  • Supports all Mbus energy meters
  • Worldwide access
  • Detailed evaluations & reports
  • Export of measured data
  • FREE to use


With smart-me you can manage all your metering stations worldwide and generate reports, comparisons and analysis.

Worldwide access to your measured data and reports using your PC, Tablet or Smartphone - Free of charge.

Measured data is communicated to the smart-me server via SML (Smart Meter Language) by the EMU Mbus Logger and the EMU Professional TCP/IP.

EMU Smart-Me

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