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EMU SO Pulse Input Logger

EMU SO Pulse Input Logger

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You are sitting in your office in Manchester and want to know the current energy use in your restaurants in London and Paris. You are faced with having to make lots of phone calls to obtain the information - a laborious and time consuming task.

But this need not be the case any longer.. 

With the EMU SO Pulse-Logger you can access anytime of day, instantly, via your PC or tablet screen to all of the relevant data, in virtually real time.

The SO Logger is a simple solution by which energy can be monitored and analysed remotely.  Via your IP address and web browser you can call up the measurement and load profile data - comparing them easily and conveniently - enabling efficient and cost effective evaluation to be achieved.

Any meter with a pulse output can be connected to the EMU SO Logger. This means you can also conveniently compare energies such as gas, water, heat, electricity, steam and oil.

Each EMU SO Logger can accept upto 9x pulse inputs plus 2x temperature sensors and has a memory capacity of 8million log entries.

Being web enabled the EMU SO Logger data can be viewed over the internet on the EMU Portal (Smart-me) free of charge, or on your own PC using EMU Bill & Report software. 

  • Upto 9x Pulse Inputs + 2x Temperature Inputs
  • Datastorage using a 2GB Micro SD-Card (removable)
  • Memory capacity 8million log entries
  • Mains Powered 230vac
  • 13vdc onward supply voltage
  • DIN Mounted / Compact unit

EMU SO Pulse Input Logger

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