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EMU M-Bus Logger with Integrated Webserver

EMU M-Bus Logger with Integrated Webserver

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The EMU M-Bus Data Logger automatically reads any connected M-Bus devices and displays these readings with consumption details on the website. The energy data can be accessed and analysed via its IP address through the EMU web browser.  The saved data can be exported from the website to a CSV file or automatically saved to the FTP Server. The EMU M-Bus Logger supports any meter with an M-Bus interface.

The integrated webserver is accessed via IP address and web browser. The EMU M-Bus Logger website lists all connected M-Bus users and displays all available readings and load profiles.


  • M-Bus Datalogger for up to 60 meters (slaves)
  • In-built M-Bus level converter/master
  • Supports all M-Bus devices to EN 13757-2,-3 (previously EN1434-3)
  • Displays monthly / daily energy consumption
  • Website integrated via internal IP address
  • Load profiles for all energy values
  • Data export to CSV file
  • FTP upload of readings (CSV file)
  • Converts M-Bus to SML
  • Communicatioin to smart-me 

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