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Stream WaterWatch - Abstraction Control System

Stream WaterWatch - Abstraction Control System

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Accurate water, abstraction & effluent control

Water̴Watch is specifically designed to meet the increasing need to control the use of water or disposal of effluent - whether this is via abstraction from a water course, from the public water supply or controlling the release of effluent into the environment – making Water̴Watch ideal for the manufacturing and processing industries, agriculture, sports and leisure facilities.

A typical Water̴Watch system comprises the Water̴Watch Controller, a flowmeter (this could be existing) and a control valve.

Assisting Environment Agency Compliance

Water abstraction in the UK is administered and authorised by the Environment Agency in accordance with the Water Act 2003. Dailey abstraction is regulated to a specified volume of water. Non licensed abstraction is limited to water volumes upto 20m3/day or 10m3/day depending on the UK region - for larger volumes to be authorised a licence is required.

Water̴Watch enables a fixed volume of water to be abstracted in a given period, preventing further abstraction until the following period – therefore installing Water̴Watch can demonstrate that water abstraction is being managed responsibly within the regulated and authorised limits – making it suitable for licensed and non-licensed abstractions.

Daily flow control – the basic principle

The Water̴Watch Controller functions similarly to a batch controller with a Real Time Clock (Date and Time) timer. Volume information from the flowmeter is via a pulse input creating a pulse count within the controller, which has a control output to automatically limit water volume to a pre-set daily allowance. The Real Time Clock (RTC) controls the start of the abstraction period. Generally this corresponds to a 24hour period with a time of day transition set at 12:00am midnight, however this can be set to an alternative start time if abstraction is more convenient during say the evening or early hours when the water source is less stressed. Water̴Watch can operate on all seven days of the week.

At the start of a new day’s abstraction the counter automatically resets to zero and the pump/valve control output is automatically switched on. This enables the pump to start or the valve to open (the pump drive or starter may be operated directly by Water̴Watch or by other controls). When the flow starts the water meter pulses are counted and increments the count display which represents the flow tally. This continues until the daily allowance is reached. At this point the pump/valve output is turned off to stop the flow and end the abstraction until the next day.

WaterWatch Controller

Time Zone Control

In addition to the Daily Flow Control the Water̴Watch Controller incorporates the option to restrict the time of day when abstraction is allowed to occur.

Upto four, independent, On-Off zones can be programmed. These could be used for Utility water supply networks that are also shared by domestic supplies – hence the need to restrict water usage during periods of high demand on the distribution network.

In the event of a power failure the Water̴Watch will retain operating data and the flow tally

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